ZOYA Tomoko

Now as you know I love Dior polishes, but I saw this on today and it looked beautiful.

ZOYA in Tomoko a soft champagne silver with a textured finish, gorgeous. I saw it with 2 coats and its was lovely and opaque.

So I popped online and I must admit the range of colours is spectacular. If you know much about the range please share, it would be good to hear if you can recommend any colours 🙂

They do make some big claims 14 days wear etc , taken from the Zoya website

For Best Results

Step 1

Clean the nail plate with Remove Plus ( Remove+) nail polish remover and nail plate cleaner

Step 2

Choose and apply the right base coat:

Zoya Anchor for regular healthy nails or
Zoya GetEven for nails with ridges

Step 3

Apply 2 coats of your favorite Zoya Nail Polish Color

Step 4

Apply a coat of Zoya Armor Top Coat

Step 5

Drop one drop of Zoya Fast Drops to the base of your nail bed


Following these 5 steps guarantees up to 14 days of wear on natural nails.

WOW ! can anyone testify

 Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Tomoko_454 Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Tomoko_450


Lovely 🙂

ZOYA $23 NZ stockists include Kirkaldie and Stains in Wellington and online at Candy girl here for $19.95

so please share your thoughts and colours 🙂

Happy Shopping


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