Shoe of the week.

 well shoes of the week would be more appropriate.

One shoe five variations!

From SENSO the Abby shoe

Pewter. gold or gunmetal toecap,leather upper, rubber sole.

All $249AUD

Abbey I

Chalk Leopard Pony



Abbey II

Natural printed snake

ABBEY_II_-_NATURAL_-_SIDE_large snake


Abbey III

Ice or Ebony Lizard

ABBEY_III_-_ICE_-_SIDE_large ice ABBEY_III_-_EBONY_-_SIDE_large ebony

ice here                                                     ebony here

Abbey IV

Ebony Brocade Kid

ABBEY_IV_-_EBONY_large brocade

Love these !


Abbey V

Khaki Leopard Pony or Wine Leopard Pony

abbey_khaki_5_large greenabbey_khaki_2_large wine

khaki here                                        wine here

So take your pick, these are beauties 🙂

International postage is available and  or worldwide stockists check out here

Happy shopping


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