Bobbies pick and Mix

The perfect eye palette customised for me 🙂

I adore the fact that you can buy an empty pan palette and pick and mix your own colours !

Bobbie Brown pan palette $35

untitled 3

You can also get 4 and 6 $10 US or £5 UK

Grrrrrr very miffed at the price we have to pay here

Anyway moving on !

So my perfect palette consists of these beauties

Bone, Taupe, Slate

untitled bone  images taupe  bb_smoosh_E4P916_415x415_0

off white, warm taupe and soft medium grey.

The perfect palette (for me) to take me from day to night

NZ $54 each shadow

$24 US or £15

So whilst I love the idea of the palette, I think I will be keeping this as a present request 🙂

The idea of spending $197  is a bit much but I’m more than happy to ask my sis, mum and mate to chip in  and buy me the perfect gift 🙂

So let me know what’s your perfect palette ?

Oh yes and the perfect lippy with these shades

Pale Mauve

untitled pm

and the pefect liner Elizabeth Arden smoky eyes in Expresso

images ea

Happy shopping



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