It’s time to de clutter

Ok my goal over the next few weeks is to have a serious de clutter.

My ultimate aim is to have a wardrobe with no more than 100 pieces, of which 70 will be clothing and shoes

This is what I’m thinking of !

My colour palette will primarily be made up of black, white, grey, metallic, denim blue, brown, red, orange and green.

  untitled silver  green-abstract_00248918

Outerwear = 7 pieces including trench coat ( or your variation), denim jacket, my black biker jacket when I find it and my 70’s brown leather bomber jacket.


Jackets = 5 pieces.


Trousers = 5 pieces, including black trousers, khaki trousers and my bargain black and white check Kate Sylvester trousers, slight drop crotch and great all rounders


Jeans = 5 pieces, including GSTAR dropped crotch,  BOSS dark jeans and Zara black 7/8 jeans

images arc   publicpreview

Dresses = 5 pieces, including my black maxi dress and my striped Bretton dress


Skirts= 5 pieces including pencil skirt and midi skirt and a silver sequinned skirt

Greg_42_1950    27A08FBLK_2_thumb black leather

Tops and T shirts= 15 pieces this will include men’s white shirt,  Bretton t shirt and caramel blouse

images white shirt

Jumpers/Cardigan 5 pieces, including grey cardigan and light beige jumper, black silk body cardigan.

equipment-liam-tee   15WSUM_WU004_ORA

Casual and loungewear= 10 pieces including, track pants, and sweatshirts


Footwear 15 pieces including , boots, converse, ankle boots, heels , flip flops

shoe side          0214-AV30-002H105-058_01_470_50534328_173358_89097

Accessories 20 pieces, scarves, bags, straw cowboy hat, grey beanie and leather gloves.

  601EV01684_1     timthumb baby regan

So this is my starting point, there will be some variations but we all need to start somewhere 🙂

I actually think this is going to be a bit challenging, only time will tell!

Please share any top tips if you have under taken your own de clutter and I will keep you updated of my choices and progress.

cheers and Happy shopping.

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