Soap and Glory

£Its frustrating when you get a sample of a lovely product that you can’t buy in your country of residence!

I’m sure plenty of you will be fully aware of this product, Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter.

Blimey where do I start!.

Received as a sample from the MECCA COSMETICA Beauty loop box.,this stuff is lush. A thick beautiful butter that literally disappears into the skin whilst leaving zilch residue.This has the title of Britain’s best body butter too boot and I can see why, in addition to the gorgeous texture the fragrance is lovely , not too sweet and certainly not overpowering.

If you go onto the website you also get access to the full list of ingredients as well as finding out  where stockists are located.

Boots in the UK invariably have offers of 3 for 2 and I understand this is often the case with soap and glory.


In the UK there are lots of different products, please share your recommendations !

As well as the butter there is also the lotion


So all you lucky ladies who can access but haven’t yet tried, what are you waiting for.If like me you can not access this divine product , start dropping subtle hints to anyone in the UK, Canada, The USA and OZ. I understand the small company will be looking to expand .

So for the 200 ml pot its £10.50 in Boots $23 AU and a shocking $49 NZ via Fishpond. (Don’t get me started ) The 500 ml lotion is also

So anyone that I know reading this if you are coming over , let me know !!

So I love the tub, ( mum we need to talk lol ). Mmmmm I’m going to be talking to Mecca Cosmetica, begging them to stock in NZ !

Happy shopping you lucky lucky peeps 🙂


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