A Sabatini Cape

This beautifully structured cape is a keeper. This is not a cape that will date, rather will stand the time of time year after year. With the right outfit , this will stay a classic you will keep drawing on.

Right now grab your skinny black jeans and stilettos

SABATINI Cape Knit Coat with Leather Buttons

untitled cape     untitled side cape

A beautiful merino knit with 100% leather trim $590 here

team with a classic suede pump for a bit of texture

A classic Jimmy Choo : ABEL


Now recently featured the frame bag is the perfect accessory , go with classic


I adore black , sorry !

then finish with a short dark nail maybe

Dior nail polish Nuit 1947 #970


A beautiful dark vamp red, with an amazing gel finish.

and of course a beautiful statement piece of jewellery

Oscar De La Renta


Happy Shopping



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2 Responses to A Sabatini Cape

  1. Jo kaiwai says:

    Sam, seriously I ADORE this look. I love all your posts and trust your opinion on fashion, beauty and style completely! I have been looking for a winter cape and overall look but everything I’ve found has had a bit of a garish, almost theatrical vibe (and not in the good way!) feel about it. But this, this is perfect. Thanks for posting, I love that the cape is sabatini and available here (fingers crossed!) but I’ll have to improvise with my CR black skinnies and witchery suede heels. Am loving the cape! Thanks again x that cocktail ring is to die omg

  2. sfn4 says:

    Thanks Jo I really appreciate your comments. Thank you

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