The Frances Biker

 If you love the style of a biker jacket, but don’t want to wear leather in the warmer months , this might be a nice alternative. Or that transition weather in spring for us in the southern hemisphere. Here is an absolute bargain and a jacket that I will be looking to invest in.

The Frances Biker from Boden

Depending on the colour the price starts at a cracking £31.60 -£47.40


Available in Chilli, White sand Denim here

For a great relaxed look team with the KOWTOW building block low crotch trousers or if that look is too extreme go with their relaxed look


check out KOWTOW here NZ made using premium 100% certified fair trade organic mid-weight cotton jersey.

Grab you white converse


and finish with you soft slung bag check out Hedgren, the FOLA bag is the perfect weekend accessory

HIC403_316_01_278_278_c1_c_c_0_0_1 HIC403_003_01_278_278_c1_c_c_0_0_1


A great travel outfit I think, versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe. I would probably go monochrome , low crotch black  KOWTOW with a classic Bretton top and the white biker.

What’s your combination !

Happy Shopping


make up your colour combinations from the classic

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