Clarins lip oil and instant balms have arrived !!!

Great news the ever so fabulous Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil has arrived at Farmers and I cant speak highly enough of this excellent product.

untitled lip oil

The big fat applicator and the non sticky oil that hydrates beautifully . I have been using this for a while as I was fortunate enough to receive it as a gift.

Honey will be a regular feature, the raspberry is a limited edition they retail for $42. A prefect gift 🙂

In addition to the oils the balm perfectors  have also arrived, I think these are $38 if I recall


01 Rose,, 02 Coral, 03 My pink, 04 orange,05 Red,06 Rosewood

The red is constantly sold out in the UK and I get the impression these will be nominated and will win a number of awards again this year.

I defy you not to want them all 🙂

I’m a huge fan of the original perfectors, they are applied more like a gloss and the consistency is similar. If you haven’t tried them , get thee to a Clarins counter immediately 🙂

So finally these beauties have arrived and I think at this great price point they will fly off the shelves 🙂

Happy Shopping


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