Perricone MD

I’m a huge fan of No Foundation Foundation, a great product for that healthy look without the look or feel of foundation, perfect as the weather starts to get warmer.

Next on my list of must try from the  no family are No Bronzer Bronzer and No Lipstick Lipstick.

No Bronzer Bronzer

Is it a serum, is it a bronzer, it is marketed as both. With an SPF of 30 and a product containing Vit C this may well be a great product to explore. Now what I’m not sure about is coverage and how it compares to the No  Foundation Foundation which in my opinion is also very light coverage . The bronzer is said to adapt to your skin colour giving the illusion of even pigment and a healthy glow. So I will explore and compare the two and let you know what I think. I have high expectations based on the foundation experience, if you like a natural look with a hint of dewy you really can not go wrong. If you have tried the bronzer please share I would love to hear. I’m expecting the foundation to be slightly thicker in texture and possibly give a hint of more coverage, although still very light in comparison to a usual foundation.

No Bronzer Bronzer $88


So here in NZ its getting warmer, please buy sunscreen now and start applying it daily, I really can’t emphasise this enough. Sun screen is the best anti aging product out there and don’t forget your hands !!!! Good habits pay off folks. I’m a 365 day sunscreen wearer, because I’m worth it!!

So based on the fact the weather will be getting warmer I will post some  good skincare product and routines. Great dewy skin with a hint of glow(fake of course) complimented by rosy lips, perfect and uncomplicated for summer. So with out further a do the next No product will give you just that by all accounts.

No Lipstick Lipstick

A hydrating lippy in rosy pink that probably takes on a bit of pigment from your own lip colour, t is buildable for more colour too. Do try before you buy !


No Lipstick Lipstick $46

As with all MD products these also have additional skincare benefits , they are more hybrids . I will be trying these and more of the other products soon and will let you know.

Available from Mecca stores and counters  in NZ, locations here

UK stockists include Harrods and Space NK.

Happy shopping


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