My unconscious love of Clarins lip products.

It isn’t until you are having a sort that you sometimes realise you just might unconsciously gravitate to a particular brand!

I know I love Clarins, but to be honest had someone actually asked me I probably would have said I love Clarins skin and body products.

How wrong am I ! Yes I still adore the skin and body products, but I clearly have a love of their lip products too. I have been gravitating to these more unconsciously, but when I actually think about it, they are truly beautiful products. Yes I have the odd Chanel, YSL and Estee Lauder and don’t get me wrong I love the lippies that I have. But Clarins, just maybe for me they are in a slightly different league? The colours and formulas just tick my boxes.

I currently have 13 lip products,  now I realise for the majority that is nothing, but for me it is. What I hadn’t realised was just how much Clarins featured in the lippy line up !

002 (2)

Its all the different formulas and intensity  that give these a different feel , even though they look very similar!!!

left to right we have

#05 Instant light lip balm perfector, a beautiful sheer red.

#10 Joli Rouge perfect shine Sherbet, a beautiful sheer pink with a gorgeous shimmer

#4 Rouge Éclat satin finish in Tropical pink, intense in colour yet creamy in formula.

#02 Instant Light lip in Raspberry, a beautiful treatment with a hint of colour.

#01 Instant smooth crystal lip balm in crystal pink. No longer available but it is worth asking the counter staff if they have any, I have picked up 3 by asking. Exquisite, I adore the colours and the formulas.

#06 Instant light natural lip perfector in rosewood shimmer, a beautiful gloss in nude, I always have this in my bag.  Gorgeous for day to day and great with a smoky eye. Probably my favourite colour out of the 6 available.

#01 Instant Light lip in Honey, a beautiful treatment with no  colour, but leaves your lips looking shiny and yum.

and finally

#05 Instant smooth crystal lip balm in crystal Rose.

So Clarins, beautiful formulas and  beautiful colours without drying out your lips .

Hybrids of treatments and Lipsticks/glosses and clearly my favourite ! Maybe next time I shop I will be doing it a tad more consciously !

What are your favourite Clarins lip products ?

Happy Shopping


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