Mecca Cosmetica,Improving on perfection!

Now every year I buy myself a Christmas present!. I have been doing it since I was 18yrs and I wont be changing anytime soon :). My gifts to myself vary but they are usually a nice little treat!

Well yesterday I purchased my said Christmas present.

Mecca Cosmetica, lip balm now you will know that this is my ultimate balm , I love it. Well Mecca have taken my favourite balm and Christmasized it 🙂 They have added just the right amount of glitter to make this a seasonal must !

Golden Lip de Luscious

balm 1


balm 2

Now this will get wrapped up and put under the tree so you will have to wait for a peak but trust me I tried it in store, it is gorgeous :).

Need to touch up? What better than grabbing your black sleek Chanel compact mirror. Originally created as a limited edition, the compact mirror is now a constant feature. I treated myself and I love it ! Every make up bag should have one! Featuring a regular and magnified mirror this is a very special wee gift that retails for around $50 NZ. Housed in a beautiful little velvet pouch I smile every time I use it 🙂

So I recommend a little treat to open on Christmas day, go on you will love it !

Happy Shopping


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