Shoe of the week

A combination of style without compromising the comfort.

Lets face it, it isn’t always easy to wear heels all day, especially when the temperature is on the up. Well the Joanie from Ziera might just be the answer. Not a shop a usually look at these are stylish and wearable.

I’m loving the nutmeg passion shade, easy to wear and will elongate the leg, perfect!

The Joanie


$249NZ  available here

Perfect for summer team with black oversized tailored shorts and the khaki Amory jumper from Ricochet

 Nicholson Shorts $249 here


Amory Jumper $179 here


Khaki picture not available , sorry !

A fabulous look for 9-5 and  straight through to those cheeky post work drinks!

Happy Shopping


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1 Response to Shoe of the week

  1. Jenni green says:

    Love the shoe’s

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