Shoe of the week

I haven’t gone crazy in the sales at all, I promised myself I wouldn’t. I’m still working on my minimal wardrobe concept and it continues to be a work in progress!

My new mantra if something comes in, something must go. My white Converse have been hammered over the past couple of years and its beginning to show. They have been put through the washing machine several times, but it is realistically time to say bye. I have been eying up the Adidas superstars, retro cool but everyman and his dog is now wearing them so…….

I have come across these by Senso, my favourite combo of white and metallic. They look stylish and to be honest everyone should own a pair of white trainers, so versatile.

Senso Andy III

Ice Matt with silver chrome $249 AUD


 Gorgeous leather trainer, sizes 35-44 here


Andy III

Ice Matt with gold chrome $249 AUD


Gorgeous leather trainer, sizes 35-44 here

A fabulous textured metallic trainer that will is the perfect summer autumn or spring summer accessory.

Based in Australia Senso offer free worldwide shipping.

Happy Shopping


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1 Response to Shoe of the week

  1. Jenni green says:

    Like the silver ones

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