I’m keeping it simple.

My simple day to day makeup look at the moment is one of my favorites. Easy,quick and  natural, it ticks all my boxes.

My current favorite day products are ….


My go to day base is Chantecaille Just skin : NUDE


I really do adore this for the day, its light and natural yet gives you cover where you need it.

Under the eyes

Mac : Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream


A recent purchase and I really like it. Addsa bright yet natural  radiance under the eye, where I don’t use foundation or concealer ( my preference)

The brows and eyes



A perfect shade for my blonde brows and I have been looking for ages.It also doubles as a great base for the day a nice natural nude.Love it.

Bobbie Brown Gel Eyeliner : Black Ink

Applied using BB Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush.

Just on the upper water line pushing between lashes to give an extra but of oomph.


A quick curl with my Japonesque lash curler and a few applications of MAC In extreme Dimension. Not too sure what I think of the mascara yet, will keep you posted.


NARS :Deep Throat


A true classic soft  pink.


Estee Lauder #210 : Impulsive


So these  are my current go to perfect day look pieces.Soft natural with a hint of radiance and glow.

Happy Shopping


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