Who I’m loving and what is irritating me!

“What I’m not gonna Buy.”

If you are singing this in your head as you read you will know exactly who I’m talking about. Kimberly Clarke, loving her right now, keeping you in check and saving you from the marketing hype  If you want to stop parting with your cash or reaching for your credit card every two freakin minutes to buy the latest makeup release, then see here for the entertaining anti haul videos. She’s talking a whole lotta sense is Kimberly 🙂 , she not saying don’t buy, you just don’t need to buy it all !!!!Anyway I love her , I hope you enjoy.

What is irritating me , this…..

I saw this jacket the other day and thought, I like this 🙂 Would I buy it, I could see myself buying it … but then …..

So  this is the jacket I saw Trelise Cooper : The Strokes jacket from her Cooper 2017 collection. Not everyone’s cup of tea , but I like it. Think weekend off duty and just an edgy bomber.


$499 here 

Now to be fair this is reversible


but then whilst looking on line I came across this ….

The Letterman patch fur jacket by Mother.


Revolve here 

Errr hello !

Now don’t get me wrong, I know 2 leather biker jackets from different companies look the same… or high street fashion is a blatant copy of cat walk.  But this is different, parting with $500 to get something a wee bit different only to find , it isn’t, is just irritating.

So in the words of the fabulous Kimberly Clark , What I’m not gonna buy ! 

Happy shopping !

Cheers .


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