It’s time to take stock…….

Last year I started looking at minimalist living and conscious buying. If I buy an item I try to buy well and ethically and I certainly believe in quality over quantity.

This year I will be looking at what I currently own and intend on scaling back further. We know things don’t make us happy so in 2019 I will be consciously stepping away from consumerism and asking myself ,” will this item add any value to my life”

I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but its time to make some changes. I am aiming for 101 possessions first, that is just my magic number that I want to aim for. Maybe a lot in the eyes of some but its a starting point. !!

I’m not sure what 101 possessions look like at the moment and that’s part of the journey……watch this space 🙂

I’m never going to be the person that preaches, but I do encourage conscious buying, and on that note check out the article in the guardian today about the Spice girls  T shirts  for comic relief …….

Happy Sorting and shop well



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