What do I currently own ……

Today was the perfect day to start looking at what I currently own. It was that miserable hot drizzle rain day that basically meant I was indoors. So step one , get my clothes rack at the ready in the spare room , followed by step two, everything I own all bar my wedding dress and 2 items of clothing that are purely sentimental placed on my queen sized bed…… WOW it felt like a huge amount all placed together.


First thing I thought, Shit where do I bloody start!!!

So I put together my categories grabbed items that fit and placed them on my clothes rail to photograph.

Outerwear = 14 items


Jackets = 14 ( weird 14 again !!)


Dresses = 12    Skirts = 12

img_1648 IMG_1660.JPG

Trousers = 9  Denim = 10 shorts = 2

IMG_1649.JPG img_1650

Casual/Lounge wear Trousers =5  Sweatshirts = 5 ( I found another top post photo!)

 IMG_1663.JPG  img_1651

Shirts and blouses= 12 Casual shirts= 3

IMG_1652.JPG IMG_1654.JPG

Breton tops = 5


Knitwear = 8 Evening tops= 3

IMG_1656.JPG IMG_1657.JPG

Long sleeve T’s = 13  Short sleeve T’s 7 + Singlets 2 = 9

IMG_1658.JPG IMG_1659.JPG

I then decided to add some addition categories

Gym gear, vests( I had a load!!) sarongs and swimwear = 64 (bloody hell!!)

So I have a total of 196 items , not the 427 my husband guessed !!! cheeky bugger.

So the next step is to go through each category  and decide what I want to keep.

My categories make sense to my wardrobe….. feel free to use them

I will use this week to create the next categories.

Happy Sorting 🙂



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