The Journey continues……

OK, so I have started putting together my everyday capsule wardrobe using the existing clothes I have.Having done some research,  I have decided this will eventually be my  every day wear, essentially this won’t change much over the year.So this will be my core capsule, everyday wear Monday to Sunday.

Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter will see additional items being added to the core. I might introduce trend items or  a colour here.

So , so far my basic everyday capsule has 27 items and I will be adding some basic accessories too. I have already  noted there are a couple of gaps including a basic black linen T and also one in white. Further gaps, but hopefully not too many will become apparent over time. However I don’t want my core to grow beyond 40 items give or take.

What I will say is this whole experience has been truly exceptional at allowing me to see everything so much clearer and really see my wardrobe. My only regret, I didn’t do this sooner!

The colours I’m drawn to are pretty evident  and feature consistently.

Black, Navy, Grey. denim and green.


Followed by

Red, Orange.metallic silver, nude.white



and finally these patterns feature



Leopard and stripes all the way for me, with a hint of camo 🙂

I also have a dark bitter chocolate pair of cords I love and some accessories in mustard that I also adore.


So my basic wardrobe features some of these shades in terms of clothes


These are my 27 items so far

What I have quickly established is I don’t think all these items will be continue to feature. I like blue denim and I have a couple of blue accessories I love. But I prefer to blue in that form vs say a dress.  So I will continue to work on my basics and tweak.

I will put a visual together as I work on it.

In addition to this core, I have two additional seasonal  everyday capsules that I have started to put together

So for example I will start to look at the Autumn /Winter capsule around April and choose the items I want to feature.My Autumn/Winter has 15 items so far , I aim to use 8 to 9 overall and pack the remaining away if they don’t fit within my vision for that season. That way I keep things new and fresh for the following year.


I know this will take time to work through, with some tweaks here and there but I’m happy with progress to date.

Here is my occasional capsule , 13 items to date. I will use these to transition  some of my core pieces or pick an outfit from the capsule.


I do have accessories to add and this will be part of my next weekend! In addition to my practical /functional and sentimental capsules.

So far 70 items of clothing feature in my capsules.

Nothing is set in stone, I can adapt and tweak as needed  and I think my colours will change slightly, especially in my core capsule. For instance I don’t see navy blue featuring highly, more as a seasonal /trend. Its all part of the journey !!

Happy sorting and  here is to conscious shopping !




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